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About Cute Leads

Finding statistics and customer leads lists is and thankless task at the best of times.
We think that we've found a way of doing so that requires no training, has minimal cost, and yet consistently delivers the results you need.

Find leads using the technology profiles you're interested in, with sites written in the specific language you're also interested in.

Our comprehensive search engine is available by registering for free.

Technology should make our lives easier, and Cute Leads definitely makes life simpler!

Bob Nilson

Meet Our Team

Bob Nilson Chief Executive Officer

With years of experience under his belt, Bob has evolved a challenging and intuitive approach to businesses and their requirements.

Marta Doe Chief Technology Officer

Marta is our technical genius, and the brains behind our site identification and profiling technology. With nearly two decades-worth of experience in the industry, there's little Marta hasn't seen before, and even less that she can't implement!